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High Quality

Made in the USA – Designed and manufactured with the highest quality.


Peace of mind with
high-quality security features that secure access.


Peace of mind with high-quality security features that secure access.



Craftsmanship by a licensed contractor that guarantees customer satisfaction.


For active duty and veterans recognizing their military service.


Rescue reward for families that saved pets from shelters.


Relax and enjoy life without added effort and frustration.

Areas Served

*Camarillo * Oxnard * Ventura * Ojai * Montecito * Carpinteria * Thousand Oaks * Westlake Village
* Agoura * Oak Park * Calabasas * Moorpark * Simi Valley * Malibu/PCH Coast * West Los Angeles
* San Fernando Valley * West LA * Hollywood * Burbank * Glendale * Pasadena

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Home * Condo * High-Rise * Apartments * Offices

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High Quality - Made in the USA
Professional Craftsmanship
Installed by Licensed Contractor

  • Sliding Glass – Glass Door
  • Fixed Glass – Wood Door
  • Thru Wall – Screen Door

Need more information?

How do I get started?

Contact Bella Pet Doors and arrange for an estimate. We come to your home, take measurements, and provide a cost estimate on the spot. Once the decision is made to have us install your pet door, we take a deposit, order the products and return to complete the installation. It’s that simple!

Which pet door is best for me?

Consider your pets’ traffic patterns and demeanor when deciding on the best location. The final location will dictate the type of pet door: in‑glass (sliding door, glass door, or window), sliding glass panel models, in‑door, in‑wall, and in‑screen models. In the Ventura, Santa Barbara, and west Los Angeles counties, our most popular model is installed in the sliding glass patio door.

What size do I need?

Like our furry friends, pet doors come in a wide variety of sizes. We offer standard size options and can even customize for special situations. Select a size that will clear the tallest pet’s shoulders and width by 1.5-2″ inches, and have a low enough step over rise to allow for easy navigation given the pets breed, age and mobility – both now and in the future.

Do I have colors to choose from?

Yes, there are a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Authorized Installer

Bill McKenna
CSLB Contractor #929546
Licensed – Bonded – Insured
USMC Family Semper Fi

US Flag

Can I lock and secure the pet door?

Yes, absolutely. Pet doors are designed with security panels that slide into place and are securely bolted or pinned to provide maximum security from anything outside.

What prevents other animals from getting in?

High-quality pet doors seal tightly by using strong magnetic force around the perimeter and are far too strong for insects and small animals to penetrate. Since the flaps do not hang loosely, larger animals are not intrigued and generally do not take notice of the opening. Keep all food and water away from the entrance to eliminate drawing animals to the entry door.

What about energy efficiency?

A high quality pet door is far more efficient than opening/closing a “people” door many times each day. Our energy efficient pet doors use thick dual‑flaps, commercial grade weather‑stripping, and strong magnets that pull back the flaps to create a sealed barrier that maintains the preferred climate.

Authorized Installer

Bill McKenna
CSLB Contractor #929546
Licensed – Bonded – Insured
USMC Semper Fi

US Flag